vol_004The volunteers of the WTC Ground Zero Relief effort (a special project of the not-for-profit, Art Science Research Laboratory) have continually, and immediately whenever needed, starting from September 11th and continuing to today November 19th, been bringing items in short supply to workers at Ground Zero and Fresh Kills. The warehouses of OEM, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army have stopped receiving donations, claiming that no items are needed and that all supplies must, in any case, be delivered through their systems. In fact, we know that crucial items become depleted on a daily basis, and that the official depots often do not have the needed supplies at hand -- including boots, hooded sweatshirts, etc., so sorely needed by firefighters at Ground Zero, and by police raking through debris at Fresh Kills.read more

New York Times Article, February 11, 2002

One morning in November, Rhonda Roland Shearer was handing out hard hats to victims' relatives at the World Trade Center site. An official with the City Office of Emergency Management asked who she was, then told her she was not authorized to be there.read more

The "Hot List"

suppliesCheck this regularly updated list to see which items are most needed by the relieft workers at Ground Zero.read more


recoAwards from organizations that have recognized our efforts.read more

London's Photos

See photos taken by London Shearer Allen of the incident and subsequent clean-up and relief efforts.read more